Dear Students,

            The AGH UST Interantional Courses programme was established in academic year 2016/2017 on the basis of the AGH-UST Rector’s Ordinance No. 39/2016. It replaced the University Base of Subjects in Foreign Languages. The aim of the programme is to diversify the syllabuses and render them more flexible by offering students two new modules of subjects conducted in Polish (humanities, social sciences and innovation subjects). These modules, implemented independently of courses taught in English, will not only extend your knowledge, but also assist you in honing your linguistic skills, specialist terminology in particular.

            Creating a varied offer of courses in humanities and social sciences will enable students to enhance both their university education and career prospects. Nowadays, when extensive general knowledge becomes a major asset on the job market, it is strongly advisable to obtain credits for such courses which broaden your horizons and make you more versatile. What is more, new innovation courses will help you become familiar with the latest discoveries in such fields as new materials, technologies or the construction of machines and appliances, in a wide range of disciplines represented by the AGH UST faculties.

            The AGH UST Interantional Courses programme consists of courses conducted in foreign languages which are available to students at all faculties of the AGH University of Science and Technology. These courses will also be available to foreign students who participate in such international exchange programmes as Erasmus+ or SMILE and therefore do not pay any tuition fees for studying at the AGH UST. The core of the programme is a comprehensive offer of the courses which were proposed by the faculties and accepted by the Advisory Board for International Studies at AGH UST. The disciplines include:

  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Engineering Manufacturing and Construction,
  • Natural Sciences , Mathematics and Statistics,
  • Business and Administration,
  • Humanities,
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences.

In the following years the AGH UST Interantional Courses programme will be constantly expanded and updated to boost students’ participation and meet their growing expectations.


Prof. Maria Maj,

Associate Professor of the AGH UST and Rector’s Proxy for Elective Courses